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Dòng 8051

Dòng 8051

Extensive Product Portfolio Including Pin-to-Pin Compatibility for End-of-Life Competitive Devices

With Atmel's broad range of feature-rich 8-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) based on the 8051 instruction set, you can be assured that your 8051 designs are in good hands. While other suppliers have exited this market, we're committed to extending our roadmap for our proven 8051 MCUs. Whether you're working on legacy, existing or new designs, you’ll get the latest in features and functionality from more than 50 part numbers providing Flash memory ranging from 2KB to 128KB.

Choose pin-to-pin compatible members from our 8051 portfolio to replace end-of-life competitive devices. From 8-bit MCUs based on the low-power single-cycle AT89LP core to MCS-51® industry-standard socket drop-in devices and small-footprint 14/16/20/28-pin derivatives, our devices all feature advanced Flash technologies. Most devices include in-system programming (ISP) for additional usage flexibility. Other options include digital signal processing (DSP) extensions, advanced timer/pulse-width modulation (PWM) peripherals, and CAN and USB interfaces.

Our popular AT89LP family delivers the latest in 8051 technology. Its members provide binary-code level compatibility for 80C51-based applications, along with pin-to-pin compatibility to competitive devices . The AT89LP devices dramatically boost performance by a factor of 6 to 12 times—up to 30MIPS. Along with modern features and peripherals, you also get low power consumption for your low-voltage and battery-powered applications. 

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